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Anime Wednesdays: My Thoughts on Shiki

Much like how I was excited to talk about The Fault in Our Stars, I also couldn’t wait to talk about this gem of an anime that I saw this … Continue reading

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Literature Tuesdays: Viewing “Sickness” a Different Way (A Look at The Fault in Our Stars)

I could not wait to talk about how much I loved this book! It’s insightful, funny, heartfelt, relatable and tackles an issue many of us don’t really think about without … Continue reading

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Movie Mondays: Why I Love Shaun of the Dead

At the beginning of summer, one of the first movies I saw that I hadn’t seen before was Shaun of the Dead. I heard a lot about the movie from my … Continue reading

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Story Sundays Summer Celebration Week: Creative Works

Whenever I’m in the mood, I tend to write my own poetry, prose and short stories, though I admit that this summer I haven’t done much in that department which … Continue reading

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Lazy TV Saturdays Summer Celebration Week: The Simpsons Take-Over

Of course I’ve been lazy as ever this summer only going out when need be and Saturdays are usually the days where I’ve been able to watch/ re-watch movies, anime, … Continue reading

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Food Fridays Summer Celebration: BBQ

I don’t think I’ve covered this yet but like most people this summer, I helped myself to some good old-fashioned BBQ thanks to the 4th of July rolling around. To … Continue reading

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Korean Thursdays Summer Celebration Week: Superman is Back

While anime flourished this summer, Korean entertainment for me was dismal. For the first time in like two years, I have not seen a Korean film nor have I listened … Continue reading

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