Fandoms Galore



My name is A’Lanna Wells. I graduated college in 2014 but began this blog in the summer of 2013 as a way to escape the boredom I felt back then.

During the site’s heyday, I talked about movies, literature, anime, Korean dramas/K-pop, food and even manged to write a few poems and prose works on the weekends. Unfortunately, I stopped writing new material two years ago. I would normally use the excuse that “life” got in the way but that would be lying.

The truth is that I felt uninspired. I had serious writer’s block and though there were many things I experienced such as watching a new movie/anime or writing a new poem, every time I sat down and began to write a post, I either rewrote several paragraphs or just deleted the whole thing altogether. I no longer felt the drive to blog anymore so I abandoned the site.

Out of curiosity, however, I revisited Fandoms Galore and all those happy memories started popping up. Suddenly, I felt a tiny urge to write again.

I don’t think I’ll ever write as much as I did when I first started but writing every now and then will be a great fit for me right now. It totally beats deleting the site completely like some people do when they are no longer active with a project.

Anyway, I’m sorry this “About” page is long but I felt I had a lot of explaining to do. Thanks for sticking around this long though and let’s see where this new journey takes me.

Thank you for visiting my site!!! XD

(Updated 9/23/17)


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