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Korean Thursdays KPOP: Hot Potato’s Pillow

Okay so this song is not exactly a KPOP single but I still like it all the same. Today’s song is Pillow from Korean indie band Hot Potato.


To be honest, I couldn’t really find a lot of information on the band but from what I did find, the band has two members Kim C and Koh Beom-jun and this song is from 2012.


While this song and band are not as popular as the KPOP bands/songs we all know and love, I think Pillow is definitely a great song to enter into the indie scene. I mostly associate Korean music with just KPOP so it’s nice to see a different kind of music genre every once in a while. The singer (I believe it’s Kim C) has a great voice that fits well with the slow, easygoing tune.

Something else that is slow and easygoing is the music video itself which shows Kim C walking endlessly on a conveyor belt in what I assume is an airport or train station while everyone around him passes by. It’s as if he’s stuck in time, unable to move on, though based on his face and how powerful and loud his voice becomes by the end of it, it really seems like he wants to break free of the cycle, especially when he starts running. I always like storylines like this, especially in music video form and the whole thing is shot beautifully and has the grayest shade of color I’ve ever seen which is perfect for the mood of the video and song. I would seriously listen to this song over and over during my commute to work if I owned an Ipod.


I know I didn’t have much to write mostly because I don’t really know that much about the band, but all I can tell you is to please go listen to this song and watch the video right now. The song is 2 years old and I’m sure they’ve made other really good songs, but whether you’ve never heard of Hot Potato before or simply skipped this song for some reason, I encourage you to go back and have a listen. I’m happy to say that it’s a song that has introduced me to Korean indie music.

Have you heard of Hot Potato before this post? What are some Korean indie bands you really like? Leave your comments below and thanks for reading!! XD


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