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How has everyone been? Seen any good movies lately? How about anime? Listened to any KPOP or eaten anything super delicious in the last two years? That’s a clunky introduction … Continue reading

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Anime Wednesdays: My 100th Anime!!

When I was in college, I decided to keep a list of every anime I watched as a way to reminisce and reflect on all the shows I’ve seen so that years … Continue reading

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Literature Tuesday: My Thoughts on Animal Farm

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day!! These are pretty much all the holidays I missed celebrating on the site while I was busy … Continue reading

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Movie Mondays: Why Jurassic World May Have the Potential to be a Good Movie

Ever since AMC aired the first three Jurassic Park movies last week from Tuesday to Thursday, I’ve had nothing but dinosaurs on my mind. All weekend long I’ve been re-watching … Continue reading

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Story Sundays Poem: Fallen Leaves

Are soldiers in line Who battle the bitter wind Before snow conquers   Crumpled, dead, broken On the yellow grassy plain Looking at the grey   And a snowflake, white Pierces … Continue reading

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Lazy TV Saturdays: Just Another Lazy Day

*Sigh This week has been a very long one. I just started work last week and this week was both my first and second week on the job because last … Continue reading

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Food Fridays: Halloween Candy

I know Halloween was yesterday and I meant to have all my posts throughout the week finished by Friday so I could write this in time for the holiday but … Continue reading

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